10 Things You Should Consider When Buying a Office Chair 2023

10 Things You Should Consider When Buying a Office Chair 2023

Are you looking for a new office chair but you are confused by all the look-alikes, build and comfort, or figuring out which chair is right for you, there are a lot of things to think about when you're looking into buying an office chair. In this blog post, we'll tell you the top 10 things you must consider.

When so many cheap chairs flooding places like Amazon, Ebay or even large supply super store like Staple, Office Depot, it seems like a very difficult task to find you prefect office chair. Knowing what to look forward when comes to ergonomic adjustment and office chair comfort can help you avoid the cost of any mistake you may likely made. 

1. Budget

First thing first, budget. When you want to buy a new office chair, budget should be the first thing come accorss your mind. If you need a office chair under $100, you could just go to Staple, Office Depot or some super store to get those cheap chairs and you don't even need to waste your time to continue reading this article.

If you need a decent office chair under $250, we can help, considering the chair quality and any ergonomic functionality you may need.

If you need a chair above $500, you should look for chairs from famous brand like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Howarth.

2. Seat Height, Width and Depth

Making sure the office chair can fits you properly is the most important thing you have to consider when buying the next office chair. And that's why understanding seat height, width and depth of your next chair is extremely important.

When we look at seat height first, we need to understand how we get the seat to a proper high to fit you properly. Secondly, if the seat width is too wide, you wouldn't be able to fit between the armrests comfortably, not getting proper support for your arms, shoulders, neck and head.

Lastly, you want to make sure the depth of the chair fits you and the legth of your leg. This is something maybe adjustable as well, and it is something considered as ergonmoic adjustable, as calling sliding seat pad. That's something you definitly will look for out of other normal range office chair.

3. Seat Comfort

Seat comfort is one of the most important thing to consider when shopping for your next office chair. A seat which is too soft has too much pillow padding may created issue for your back, making it uncomfortable to sit for long hours. Likewise, if you have a seat pad which is too firm, back of your leg may get hurt, this maybe can make you don't want to use your chair. So finding that right comfort level is extremely important and likely something that you know from your previous sitting experience and from office chair you may have used.

4. Back Support

Back support is the next you have to consider when buying office chair, but understanding what type of back support that you need and what you look for in the next office chair that you choose is something you don't necessary understand.

That's because there's lots of things like lumbar support pad that you find from some cheaper chairs may look at first glance that it may offer a great back support. In fact, they don't offer necessary support at all. Likewise we finds chair that don't have lumbar support pad but maybe a nature curve of the backrest may actually offer better support than some of the chair that have those inferior lumbar support pad.

If you are someone who want more lower back support, look through the review and see people if they are saying the lumbar support of the chair actually help. The MyChair from buychairs.com have a nature backrest curve plus the height-adjustable lumbar support. And many people found that provides a very good lower back support.

5. Armrest Comfort

Armrest comfort is something you absolutely need to consider, especially for those looking to sit in their chair ergonomically correct for a long period of time. Now this will come to two different parts.

First it's the actual comfort or the softness of the arm pad. Depending on what you perfer, some may want a firmer arm pad, or some may want a softer arm pad that you can sink into. That's something you need to think about.

As well as the actual fit of armrest themselves, so when we look at armrest when we creating MyChair, we want to including three dimension adjustment, including height adjustment, left or right adjustment and depth adjustment, which can fits for wide range of users.

6. Ergonomic Adjustments

Ergonomic adjustment is a foundation of most of ergonmic chair, and that's why we need to consider additional ergonomic adjustment when we finding the perfect office chair. Including tilt lock, multi-positioning tilt lock, tilt tension adjustment and functional headrest.

 Tilt lock means you can tilt back of the chair and lock in different positions. Some chair will have some specific spot you can lock in the chair, while some chairs may have infinite tilt lock meaning you can lock in any positions you want.

Tilt Tension adjustment means you can adjustment the tension when you tilt back, it can be more loose or more tight.

7. Build Quality

For many of us, buying a new office chair is a significant investment, that's why we here buychairs.com create the MyChair ensuring a high build quality. You want to have a chair that lasts long time.

Build quality will be very important, things you will need to look at is fit and finish, the overall look, additionally when you look at the components of the chair, you will see some of the cheap chairs are offering components like Staples, Office Depot chair offering, they have off-the-shelf components, they are massive produced. And they are not necessary up to the highest level of build quality. When we look at chairs from Steelcase, Herman Miller, you will see the component of their chairs are designed and developed specifically on their chairs and gerenally speaking their chairs are much higher build quality overall.

8. Assembly Process

Depending on your level of handling, assembly process of a new office chair is something you propably want to consider. While the MyChair from buychairs.com have detailed instruction paper format and assembly video. Most of people finds it easy to assemble the MyChair and it won't take a long time.

9. Warranty Policy

As mentioned before, buying a new office chair is definitly an investment for most of us, and that's why we need to consider the warranty on our next office chair. And not all of the warranty are created equal, but this does give us a better idea on vaule and why's some chairs cost what they do. Higher end brand such as Herman Miller, Steelcase or Haworth will offer some of the most expensive office chair, but they do have the most robust warranty available in the market.

There's thing you absolutely have to look at in the warraty that you better understand if it's provide good value. Specifically we want to look at the legth of the period, are they have certain things excluded. A lot of time you will find warranty will exclude certain components of the chairs, things like the castors, mechanism, cylinder, etc.

10. Return Policy

The last thing you need to consider when you are buying a office chair is return policy. Things to look at off course is the legth of the time you have when you receive the chair and the ship to actually try the chair. Are there any fee associated when you decided to return the chair. In furniture industry general, there will be restock fee, especially in United States, when we returning a chair. How much to cost to returning chair. So there will something you need to think about when you make the purchase, especially you are doing so online.


Finding the perfect office chair for your specific need is a possible task. The top 10 things you should consider should help you aviod most of the cost of mistake you have made by the other past. Try out our MyChair, the best office chair you can find under $250. Any further question, feel free to email us at support@buychairs.com

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