Best Office Chairs Make Long Workdays Much Easier

Best Office Chairs Make Long Workdays Much Easier

If you’ve ever endured a long day at the office (or at home) in a less-than-ideal seating scenario, you know that a quality office chair is a must. These comfortable seats offer up crucial ergonomic designs to support your body and prevent aches and pains when you log off for the day—in that regard, they’re just as essential as a sturdy office desk or standing desk. But they don’t just provide comfort: The best desk chairs on the market can add to your overall office decoration, imparting beauty and professionalism to the entire space. Our top pick overall is the Mychair, which is guaranteed to keep you comfortable while you work, but we’ve got plenty of other great options ahead.

In general, when it comes to shopping for office chairs, you want to start with the basics—in other words, you need something comfortable. The main features of ergonomic chairs are that they are supportive, highly adjustable and comfortable. Beyond that, it’s important to consider additional features like whether you want a chair with wheels or arms, and what kind of design aesthetic you’re going for. Ahead, find the best of the best office chairs available today, according to lumbar support, material, additional accessories and overall value.

So how to choose the best office chair?

1. Material: As you compare different office chairs, consider the materials they’re made of. Seats are often made from foam, and some are contoured to fit your body more comfortably. It’s common for chairs to have mesh backs, which are more breathable, while upholstered foam versions generally provide more support. There are several benefits to mesh office chairs: They’re extremely breathable, preventing your back from getting sweaty on hot summer days. They’re also very low-maintenance and typically quite durable, and the material stretches to contour to your back. That said, some people prefer a traditional back, which typically provides more overall support.

2. Weight Capacity: It's important to check the weight limit of your office chair before buying, especially if you're heavy. The most common weight capacity for desk chairs is 300 pounds, but some chairs can hold more or less.

3. Adjustability: No two bodies are alike, and that’s something the best office chairs take into account. They’re the ones that can be adjusted to fit your unique body and personal workspace. The ergonomic chair has adjustable seat heights, adjustable arm support, seat depth adjustment, tilting or reclining mechanism and back support, which can help to accommodate the curvature of the spine and add neck and lumbar support.

4. Lumbar Support: You'll want to look for an office chair that offers some type of lumbar support. Some have braces to support the lower back, while others may have pillows. Either way, this feature is critical to minimizing neck and back strain throughout the workday. It would be even better if the chair had adjustable lumbar support, as this would allow you to tailor the support to your individual needs.




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