How to adjust your home office chair?

How to adjust your home office chair?

Nearly 8% of all adult Americans have problems with their back, neck and shoulders. Much of this may be due to the use of poorly adjusted office chairs.

Once you know how to adjust a home ergonomic office chair, you can do it quickly whenever you need to and never risk injury again and here’s how.

Please note: A good home office chair will allow for you to carry out all of the following adjustments.

Adjusting The Seat Height:

This is the most important aspect of properly setting the chair to your body, if your chair cannot be adjusted in height you should strongly consider buying a new chair.

Find the handle on the right hand side (usually marked with up and down arrows), and change the height of the chair so that your elbows rest comfortably on the table. And Your feet should be flat on the floor. To check this, sit right back in your seat and make sure that they are.

Adjusting The Seat Depth:

Shorter people often perch on the front of the seat, getting no support from the backrest, compromising their natural posture and causing their muscles to overwork. If you are long in the thigh, seat depth adjustment will allow you to support your thighs correctly.

Mychairs have the handle in the right side near the seat height handle, just lift it up, and slide the seat according to your body.

 Adjusting The Height Of The Armrests:

While working you should adjust the armrest to fit under your desk while you work. This allows you to get close to the keyboard and keep solid posture.

Adjusting The Angle Of The Backrest:

The backrest handle is usually on the right and has lock sign on it, some chairs need to pull out to unlock and push in to lock.

When you're working at a desk, it's best to keep your back straight to maintain a solid posture.

But when you're on the phone or in a meeting? Tilt it back so it's more comfortable, and it's good to give your back a little change every now and then.

 Adjusting The Lumbar Support:

You'll know the position is perfect when the lumbar support perfectly fills the gap created by your lumbar spine when you sit up straight without pushing your lower back forward too much.

So, adjusting your home office chair isn't hard, and it's well worth doing if you don't want to find your home office chair killing you sometime along the way. Why not take 5 minutes now to adjust the chair to fit your body? Then pay attention to doing it regularly.

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