How To Clean The Wheels Of Home Office Chair

How To Clean The Wheels Of Home Office Chair

If you find that your home office chair no longer moves smoothly across the floor, it may be time to clean your wheels. Over time, chair wheels can collect dust and build up debris. In order for your chair to roll smoothly and look good, you need to thoroughly clean the wheels inside and out.


You will need a scissors, nail clippers, some kitchen cleaner, some spray on lubricant, some cloth, some cotton swabs and some tweezers to hand while you work.

1. Cover your floor:Before beginning the cleaning process, protect the area where you will be cleaning. Lay out a plastic sheet underneath your rolling desk chair

2. Turn The Chair Over:It’s easiest to do this if you’re sitting in another chair facing the one that you intend to clean. Just turn the home office chair upside down so that the wheels are pointing up at you and are easy to get to.

3. Take the wheels off: Most office chair wheels can be removed by simply pulling on them. However, some models require a screwdriver or wrench in order to remove the wheels.

If the wheels of your chair cannot be removed, remove the base or legs of the chair from the upper seat portion.

4. Use your fingers to remove visible debris: Remove any small objects, stickers or larger pieces of debris that can easily be removed by hand. Use a tool to help remove stuck debris. If any debris gets stuck, remove it with tweezers. Other tools to help remove debris include scissors, nail clippers, bottle cutters, and screwdrivers.

5. Use duct tape to remove small pieces of debris: Cut a strip of duct tape so that it can fit inside the wheel. Pat the piece of duct tape into the wheel so that the sticky tape can trap the small pieces of dirt.

6. Use a scrub brush to remove debris: Scrub the outside of the wheel with a strong scrub brush. You may want to lightly soak the brush in soapy water. Allow the wheels to soak in a soapy water mixture for at least 10 minutes. You may use a brush to continue scrubbing them while they soak.

7. If the wheels cannot be removed, use a hose to power wash the wheels and base of your chair. This may require moving your chair base outside or into the tub. The pressure of the hose may also help to loosen and remove debris.

Please note that different material of the wheels, soaking them on a regular basis can lead to rust buildup and decay.

8. Dry the wheels thoroughly. It is important to let the wheels dry thoroughly so that the moisture does not attract more dirt or debris. Dry with a cloth or let dry for a period of time. You may use a cotton swab to dry smaller areas you are unable to reach with a cloth.

9. Reattach the wheels. Once they are dry, put the wheels back on your chair or re-attach the base using the same tools you used to unattach them. Test that your chair is rolling smoothly by pushing it around the floor, if not, take a spray on lubricant and spray the inside of each wheel, if there’s a bit too much on there, just wipe it off.

Cleaning the wheels of your home office chair is easy if you know how to do it, but what if you've tried the above and your wheels still won't move? Then you may need to replace them or replace them, Mychairs is a good choice for you.

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