Things You Must Consider Before Buying a High Back Chair

Things You Must Consider Before Buying a High Back Chair

No office furniture defines a room like a high back office chair. Whether in a conference room or executive office, Mychair brings an upscale look and a vital feel to your space. The backrest is extended for excellent back support.

The market is filled with various styles of these chairs from various brands. This makes choosing the best one a bit confusing. Based our experience, we've made this easier for you with mychairs.

So What Things You Must Consider Before Buying a High Back Chair?

Purpose of the Chair

How you plan to use the chair is very important to think about before buying. Width is essential when buying for your conference room to determine how many will fit under your table. More aesthetics and fewer adjustments are also necessary for this purpose.

Looks matter when looking for the right chair for your professional office. It also has to fit your space and keep you comfortable for long periods of time. Some of the features include premium foam seats, padded armrests.

Backrest Height

The height of the backrest is the first factor to consider before investing in a tall office chair. Your ideal chair must provide proper back, neck and head support. Upper back support and shoulders are also important for office chairs. A good idea is to have the backrest height between 24 inches and 26 inches above the seat.

Head and neck support

Highchairs have different headrests, including on the neck curve. Ergonomic chairs are more adjustable to find the right position for your neck and head. Some executive seats feature pillow-like cushions for neck comfort when meeting employees and clients.

Others don't have a pronounced space for the head. These chairs are usually for conferences where occupants aim to accomplish their tasks and leave with less concern for comfort.

If you want to avoid back pain, you'll love this office chair with a headrest. The seat also has breathable mesh and 3D adjustable armrests to enhance your comfort. Its S-shaped back design eliminates any worries about pressure on the lower body.

This ergonomically designed high office chair is suitable for most heights and body types. Its sturdy base ensures safety by limiting shaking.

Investing in a high back office chair is a great idea. The seat will boost your comfort and productivity because of the various adjustability features. Before hitting the market, consider our recommendations to make your shopping easier.


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