Tips To Make Your Office Environment Healthier

Tips To Make Your Office Environment Healthier

Your work life takes up 1/3 of your day and needs to be as healthy as it is at home. We often have no control over the spaces in which we work, but being aware of issues that may affect us will allow us to take corrective action and may encourage the creation of stimulating and nurturing environments. The following 5 tips will help provide an office that is balanced and conducive to physical health and well-being, which will ultimately benefit your health.

Healthy eating in the office

Many offices now have refrigerators that contain small amounts of food for employees to use. Employers should stop offering chocolate bars and other unhealthy treats; instead, offer plenty of fruit and other healthy food options. Even if your office doesn't serve food, promote a healthy office around your workplace. Companies like the Heart Foundation can help you create a plan to keep your employees healthy. You should also make sure that when there are group lunches or group drinks at the office, there are always healthier options available. Research shows that healthier employees increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Filtered water

By offering filtered water in your workplace, workers will be kept happy and healthy. Offering cold filtered water has proven to cause employees to drink more water throughout the day, not to mention that the water is healthier for them to drink. With employees drinking more water, it deters them from drinking unhealthier options and will reduce sickness in the workplace.

Air conditioner

Too hot or too cold an office is a common complaint among employees in the workplace. If the temperature is not properly set between 21-24 degrees Celsius, workers lose productivity. Employees often disagree on their optimal temperature, but this range is ideal for keeping everyone happy. Outdated air conditioning and heating systems should also be regularly updated to keep the air in the work environment clean. In order to further ensure the clean air in the office, the working environment is completely non-smoking.

Break time

Even highly focused employees should take multiple breaks throughout the day. One of the best ways to do this is to take a short walk on your own and clear your mind. Walking at the same time will help increase your blood flow and circulation. Sitting at a desk for countless hours can also be unhealthy, it's good to get up and stretch your legs.

Ergonomic chair

Another great idea that's easy to implement is offering ergonomic furniture and standing desks. Many employees spend hours in front of a desk — but poor posture can result in chronic neck and back pain. An ergonomic chair with lumbar support and an ergonomic keyboard can help, according to Lancaster Neuroscience & Spine Associates.

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