Our Story

Reimagining Office Chair

It began with MyChair. We set out to innovate, combining state-of-the-art performance, superior materials, and meticulous craftsmanship while challenging everything from the traditional office furniture industry.

Better Choice

We are redefining office chair from the ground up. At buychairs.com, we deliver you the perfect office chair which have fashion outline, comfort, ergonomic multifunctional but with high cost-performance. Comparing with those cheap but nonfunctional and poor-quality chairs from superstore or branded chairs with sky-high price, buychairs.com is definitely your better choice.

Be Grateful and Give Back

Fast furniture has become the dominant model for our industry, with materials and a supply chain that put profits before people and the planet. That’s why buychairs.com want to focus on longevity and sustainability that for each chair you buy, we will donate some of our profit to Environmental Protection Organization. Hoping we could do some good for you and for the future of our planet.